Lesson of Day

I'm very fond of these old style educational plates usually printed on both sides and which used to be very useful teaching aids for schooltachers.

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The main subjects studied through these cardboard plates were history, geography and natural science which used to be called "lessons of things"

They could be read horizontally and vertically

They were usually piled in a wooden frame . The schoolteacher changed the plate according to the lesson of the day which he wanted to study

Some plates were equiped with two large eyelets at the top in order to hang them mainly on the blakboard

When the pupils entered in the classroom, they could guess the themes of the lesson of the day .

Each plate was numbered and was part of a series developing a theme

The plate was drawned and the  drawings which made it up wee shematic, figurative and very coloured (this was a great educational quality)

Moreover I always give priority to what man's hand can create because I think that Man is very creative above all

Facing this creativity, children intuitively feels life, draws a lot of energy from it, which arouses his interest

When admiring a historical plate showing the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, how couldn't the schoolchildren dream of taking part in the expedition.