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We offer a variety of educational vintage french posters, including early learning, preschool, elementary school ...
We provide  Antique Posters of french education : botany, animal, anatomy, Languages
Now this posters are used for decorate your home, office and your store.

Vintage French Posters school for SALE

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   Human Body           Poster botanical 1960            MAp & Poster FRAMED         

Animal's Poster                  Botany Poster                    French Daily                              

                 M├ęchanical poster                   French History map        Poster'sAuzoux                       

House's Poster                                         Antique Poster                          History Poster

Learn to speak                                    Learn to read                                Children 1966

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Hi, I'm Vincent GRESSI.
I'm French Teacher in New York. I come from a little village near Saint Michael's Mount.
I would like to show you  my AMAZING FRENCH VINTAGE  items .... Merci

MAPS, POSTERS of school ,  COPPERS (Mauviel, Vesoul, Villedieu) & Stamps rubber
From Mont Saint Michel

Stamps Rubber

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