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French     Posters     Animal's posters   50' -60'

This Vintage Educational Plates, once used in French schoolhouses, features in the Animals


These Vintage Educational Plates were used in classrooms (Saint Michael's Mount by my father ) and clipped on the blackboard to illustrate the lesson of the day. Subjects range from Geography to Biology, Anatomy, Botanical, Technical, etc...

Bold in color and often quite graphic, these educational plates are not only highly decorative but also a part of history and make for a great conversation piece. Ideal for all areas of the house or to decorate a multitude of businesses.

They are perfect for dining, childrens, living rooms and kitchens in your house and most adequate in office spaces, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Custom framing available on all art, yet first visit our framing options section as our hand picked selection consists of the most appropriate mouldings on the market for this timely art, at the best value.
                                                                  Vincent Gressi
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Bird and Snake

Cat & Monkey - Gorilla                      

SNAIL & sea urchin


spider, insects & flies


                          Chicken & Reptil                         

                                    Beef & Horse                                    


                    Cat & Pig 1964                         

  Bees                                        Fish




Rabbit                                                 Bird & Swallow

French     Posters     Animal's   posters   1920'

size are approx  43'' x 34''
This Vintage Educational Plates, once used in French schoolhouses, features in the Animals

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Lion Bat & Dog                                         Insect & Fish           

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Children 1966

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