french botanical poster 1960 : wheat and plants

Wheat and Plants

This educational french vintage botanical plate ( poster) are used in french school 1960'

 French vintage poster
 used in french school
Wheat & Plants 
Poster Botany 1960
From Saint Michael's Mount Normandy 
approx 35"  x  26"
Available   159$ 
Side 1     
Side 2     
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Rare Mid Century French School Poster
Part of a great series of rare French vintage botany (botanical) posters.
The poster has fantastic illustrations of the wheat on one side and the plants on the other.
This french vintage educational plate can be used  by a doctor  or everyone for hang it in living room
a nice art print vintage in your kid's room.
Has "1960" printed on the bottom.  51 years old and in fabulous shape!
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